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Ukraine Invasion - What it means for investors

We have watched with shock at the events that have unfolded in Ukraine over the last few days and our thoughts and full support is with the Ukrainian people at this unimaginable time.

We understand that these unthinkable events and the resulting headlines and news articles will worry investors and cause concern. This is a time for investment discipline and to be reminded of our longer-term objectives. We are confident that your portfolios are well positioned to withstand any shocks and volatility that may further result. Your portfolio is incredibly diversified globally, holding up to 27,000 underlying holdings across different sectors, styles, across the yield curve and with inflation-linking.

We are reassured by the fact that our portfolios typically have only between 0.24 – 0.31% exposure to Russian equities or bonds. Our investment partners are working hard to further limit this exposure and to protect your capital.

On an annual basis, we check the Sanction Status of all our clients to ensure the legitimate status of money that we manage for clients. We are confident that we do not work for or operate with any individual or corporation with exposure to this situation.

We have been moved by events in Ukraine and have made a corporate donation to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal which we believe is best placed to support the needs of the Ukrainian people. You may also do so directly via their website which can be accessed here:

At times of crisis or distress, it is our job to be knowledgeable, visible and moreover accessible. If you would like to discuss any of the matters raised in this email, please do feel free to call on 0208 88 22 979. We will be keeping you updated in due course and continue to monitor the situation.

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