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Working with us

Working with a Chartered Financial Planner should be an enjoyable and collaborative process that adds value to your situation on a number of levels. The process starts with an initial chat and typically involves the following four stage process:


An Initial Meeting takes place, usually face to face at our offices in Cockfosters, North London. We also offer a video conference option, or should you have mobility or childcare issues then we could visit you at home if you would prefer. This initial meeting typically lasts for one hour and is free of charge to you. We consider this meeting our investment of time in you.


Towards the end of our meeting we would draw up an action list – a set of actions that you should consider that will enhance your financial outcomes. It may well be that you are well positioned to deal with these actions and can take them away without any further input from us. Alternatively, you may see the benefit of professional advice and consider engaging our experience and professional services. We believe in the value of advice and detailed academic research indicates seven areas where we can add value to your affairs.

Should you indicate that you would like to work with us in managing your finances, we will follow this up with an Engagement Meeting. We will provide you with a detailed proposal about how the process would work and a full breakdown of the associated costs and charges. Indicative details of our costs and charges can be found in our Terms of Business. We would supply you with a Letter of Engagement which outlines what has been agreed and the scope of our work.


At this time we will also complete together a questionnaire to understand your attitude to risk and Letters of Authority so we can contact your current providers on your behalf. It is important that we correctly understand and document your goals and aspirations so that we can understand what is required to deliver financial security. We will then commence our research and background work to put in place a framework to deliver your Financial Plan. This work often takes several weeks, and we commit to keeping you updated with our progress each week during our background analysis work.



When the background work is complete, we would meet again where we will present to you our overarching financial plan. At this Presentation Meeting we will outline, in detail, our findings and the key elements of your plan. You will be presented with numerous documents to support what we are recommending including Key Features, Fund Fact Sheets, Investment Charting and Key Investor Information Documents. You will undoubtedly have questions which will be answered clearly and in plain language.


After taking time to reflect on what has been proposed, when you are in agreement you will instruct us to complete what has been proposed and to put in place your Financial Action Plan. Again, this often takes time to complete and we will keep you fully informed during this process. Our advice and recommendations will be presented to you in the form of a detailed, written plan which will retained for your records and for future reference.

Many clients choose to work with us on an ongoing basis and we agree a schedule for our Review Meetings which often take place annually. At these meetings we want to understand any changes in your personal situation and how they may impact on your broader planning.


During the course of the year, between our meetings, you will benefit from being a retained client of Atherton York. We will keep you updated with Legislative and Regulatory changes as well as issues in the broader economy. It is our role to identify threats and opportunities and to provide you with security at all times.


During challenging and difficult times, we will provide you with peace of mind and the direction that you require. If or when your circumstances change, we will be on hand to update your financial planning and to exercise any required steps to maintain progress towards your goals. If required, we can provide warm introductions to trusted professional partners such as Accountants and Solicitors.


How we add value:

There are seven areas where detailed academic research shows that we will add value to your affairs:

1. Finding you the Optimal Asset allocation - the overwhelming driver of investment performance

How we charge

We consider our fees to be very competitive.

We charge you a fee for the work we initially do for you when we take you on as a client. This can be on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis and we would discuss and agree the best approach for you at our first meeting. We then charge a percentage fee of your funds under our management. This ongoing cost covers our client management services and includes an annual review meeting. We time record all our hours, even if we are working for you on a fixed fee basis so you can see at any time how much time has been spent on your work.

Atherton York has been chosen for an award by independent review site Vouched For.

We have received 5/5 as an average score for our reviews! 

You can se our reviews on the Vouched For website.

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We are vouched for:


The team at Atherton York are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of advice and client service.

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We're Hiring!

We are actively looking for fellow professional partners that have a similar level of qualifications and experience and share the company's values. If you would like to work for or with Atherton York, please contact us.

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