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Everyone hopes to retire and have a level of income to meet their needs. There are many options to achieve this of course, but many people will need a private pension scheme to supplement their state pension. Often our clients will have started a pension many years ago, or have multiple pensions from changing jobs over the years. They need to bring order and perspective to this planning.


Pensions have always been a complex area of planning and have become more complicated in recent years with various ways to access your money and greater personal responsibility in making your savings last. Our role is to help you understand what you have and ascertain whether it best fits your needs now and in the future. We will then work with you to consolidate what you have if necessary and ensure you are getting the best return for your investment, and that it will meet your expectations at retirement age. All of our pension planning is underpinned by a need for flexibility and choice.


We have experience in pension consolidation and leveraging the economies of scale that this may bring to your situation. We work with individuals to make the most of their workplace pension schemes and also self-employed individuals who wish to plan.


We are frequently asked, ‘How much do I need to be saving for retirement’? We can help to answer this question and to build a robust plan for retirement which may be fast approaching or many years away. Our planning is often underpinned by Cashflow Analysis to understand your current position and progress towards your goals.


We are Pension Transfer Specialists, holding advanced qualifications in this area and FCA permissions for Pension Transfers. We also hold the Pension Transfer Gold standard – more information on what this means for you can be found here.

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The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invest.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice, Will writing or Trusts.

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