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Retirement Planning

After years of accumulating pension benefits through your workplace, or through personal savings, as you get closer to the point of retirement, you would be advised to prepare well and have a strong plan in place for how you replace your loss of income post-retirement. It may be the case that you have a number of pension pots or a combination of Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pension assets.


Since the introduction of Pension Freedoms in April 2015, retirees have been faced with a complex array of possible retirement solutions from guaranteed income for life (annuity or scheme pension), to investment led solutions such as Flexible Access Drawdown. Finding the right combination of options will be important to you as this income may need to support you for many years.


For some the concept of retirement may be difficult to comprehend and to plan for – our experience in helping clients to make the transition from work to retirement will offer you valuable insights and confidence as you take these steps yourself. Our retirement planning case studies outline a number of scenarios, including more complex cases, where we have added value and assisted clients in taking the plunge and choosing to retire. We are often approached for guidance on phased retirement, continuing to work but on a part-time basis or in a reduced capacity meaning that some replacement income is required to cushion the fall.


Our advanced pension planning qualifications mean that you can rest assured you are dealing with a retirement expert who understands all the options available to you and can exercise their independence across the market to find the very best solution to meet your needs. Our client testimonials for those that we have assisted with the transition from work will offer you reassurance that you have chosen to work with an expert in retirement planning.

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