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About Us

Atherton York provides financial advice for individuals and businesses. Based in London, but with clients nationwide, we specialise in understanding and working with people who want to make the most of their money to enable the lifestyle that they desire.

We believe in the value of good advice and along with years of experience, we have the best qualifications available enabling us to deliver this. Our key people are Chartered and have Fellowship status at the Personal Finance Society. We operate to the highest possible level in our profession, putting us in the top tier in terms of qualifications and professionalism.

Our values underpin our advice and they are a little bit old-fashioned. Use money wisely - it is hard earned. Budget carefully. Only borrow when necessary and repay debt quickly. Take considered risks but do so within the context of the broader picture. Plan carefully and take good advice.

We passionately believe in our independence. We are privately owned and our recommendations are based on access to the entire market, with no specific allegiances to any one provider. We also invest our own money with the providers and in the funds that we recommend. This way we can be sure that our recommendations are current and up to date. After all, you should always put your money where your mouth is!

Giving Back

We give back to our community and have strong charity links. Each year we choose a specific charity to support. This year our charity is CLAPA that does valuable work for families with children born with cleft lips and palates.

Having a cleft can have a dramatic effect on eating, speech and hearing and a massive impact on children’s lives. The work and support of CLAPA means children can, after corrective surgery go on to lead completely normal lives. Please take a look at their work at

Charity is so important to us that every time a client refers a member of their family, a friend or a colleague to Atherton York, we will donate £25 to our supported charity or alternatively to a charity of their choice.

We also take part in financial awareness programmes that educate some less well off families about how to organise their finances. We invest our own time in these schemes because they help those most need, but less able to pay for valuable financial advice which can make a real difference to them.



The team at Atherton York are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of advice and client service.

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We're Hiring!

We are actively looking for fellow professional partners that have a similar level of qualifications and experience and share the company's values. If you would like to work for or with Atherton York, please contact us.

Thanks for submitting we will be in touch!

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