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We helped Richard become confident in his financial future and early retirement.

Richard approached us having just spent the last 5 years working towards successfully paying off his mortgage. Having completed that task at the age of 50, pension consolidation and the potential for an early retirement was next on his agenda. Determining whether he could afford to retire before the age of 68, without compromising his desired lifestyle was a key objective we at Atherton York were able to deliver.

Richard who works in London had worked tirelessly to complete the mammoth task of paying off his mortgage. Having succeeded in doing so, his next objective was to embark on retirement planning and getting his long term investments in order through pension consolidation. Initially commencing this planning by himself, he quickly realised that he had multiple pensions from previous employers, all with complex details that he was finding impossible to locate and understand. Furthermore his current employer pension was a hybrid (DC & DB) pension scheme, often considered one of the most complicated pension schemes in the pension industry.

After engaging with us at Atherton York for guidance and assistance, Jean-Michel took comprehensive and well detailed notes to help understand Richard's complete financial situation and help unravel his pension and investment complexities. For a fixed fee, we were more than happy to assist Richard in his pension consolidation and retirement planning.

We conducted extensive research into each of Richard's employer pensions, breaking down their intricacies so we had a better understanding of exactly what each pension had to offer, furthermore, how they could provide value to Richard once he decided to retire. This analysis was then presented to Richard in a simple, concise and effective manner. This presentation of analysis was supplemented through graph based cash flow models to help illustrate his potential income streams during his retirement.

Having helped Richard understand his pension holdings in a suitable and comprehensive manner, he was more than happy for us to to then begin the consolidation process. This entailed transferring all his pensions into one Self-Invested Personal Pension, helping to reduce cost, simplify his pension holdings and maximising his potential returns.

Richard has engaged with us twice more since this initial planning work we conducted, and till this day continues to be in regular contact with Jean-Michel regarding any further queries and advice that he may need.

This case study has been based on a real-life client testimonial, using their own words and language. The contents of this case study is for information purposes and does not constitute individual advice.

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