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Rob was impressed by Neal's thorough, down to earth approach, and the genuine interest shown in Rob's personal goals.

"It’s been a pleasure working with Neal since I first contacted him 10 years ago to ask for help with consolidating the three pension schemes that I’d acquired over time from different employers. I was initially attracted by his impeccable qualifications as a “gold standard” Chartered financial adviser. But after our first meeting, I was even more impressed by Neal’s thorough, down to earth approach and his genuine interest in the personal goals I wanted to achieve for my family.


Neal consolidated my 3 pensions onto a single platform at a significantly reduced annual cost, and in funds that have consistently outperformed benchmarks – I’ve been delighted. He’s gone on to manage and advise on many other aspects of my family’s finances with the same diligence and positive outcomes. Working in Financial Services myself, I’m often asked for “advice” on a range of topics and I’ve had no hesitation in recommending Neal to close friends and family when professional Financial Planning is needed!"

Rob, Financial Services, Reading.

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